Technology for designing and programming hardware (Interactive vending machine): An interactive program between hardware devices such as sensors, motors, etc. synchronized with display effects from software to create tissue effects. Simulate 4D sensory experiences in real environment compared to effects on the virtual display environment of games or applications. In other words, this technology helps players actually experience the 4D virtual sensation effects in virtual reality in games or software applications through the control of established hardware devices. linker to create sensory effects in real-life environments (vibration, wind blowing, wet, catalytic touches, etc.).

For example, imagine in the display interface of a game that simulates “bullfighting” starting with the player himself, 01 bullfighter with the first view with hands holding the red bullfighting scarf. provoking a model 01 3D bull Players are tasked with moving their hands left and right to move the red scarf on the TV screen and the 3D gaur model runs into the distance from the screen closer. Each time, Gaur touches a red towel, there will be a floor vibration effect at the player’s feet (the game will be connected to a massage machine hidden under the floor to create a floor vibration effect), if the bulls do not touch Red scarf has no effect. Appears cracked / broken effect when being impacted by cow.

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